Our mission is the creation of a library of groovy cultivars, bred from awe-inspiring GENETICS.

Breaking away from genetic manipulation and the feminisation of seeds. Propagating organically, under the AFRICAN SUN.

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All seeds are sold strictly as souvenirs and for genetic preservation.

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Our journey started “way back when”, in the gardens of a couple of iRiE mates, exchanging seeds, crossing strains, and growing towards the perfect BUD.

Years later we find ourselves at that beautiful place. DAGGAFONTEiN. Where our dreams are taking ROOT.

Why regular seeds?

Natural germination by selective breeding of the best female plants with the best males, result in regular seeds. Regular seeds can be either male or female.

Manipulating a female plant into producing pollen to fertilise another female, produces feminised seeds. This manipulation can lead to an unstable strain, with a tendency for females to become a pollen producing hermaphrodite or more susceptible to mould or diseases. Regular unaltered female seeds are preferred by connoisseurs as the truest represenatation of that strain.

We believe that by sorting our seeds we also get a higher hit rate of females vs males, but the proof is in the pudding. If you don’t get at least 50% females, we will refund you or send you another pack free of charge.

Regular seeds are as nature intended them to be.
Seeds with the strongest and most stable genetic traits.
Seeds of distinction and quality.

Daggafontein Genetics

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